5 Celebrities Who Have Aged Gracefully — and Dress Tastefully

Aging is a natural part of life. Some celebrities try to fight it with plastic surgery, Botox, and clothing that looks like it was stolen from their daughter’s closet. Others embrace it with grace and elegance, letting their natural beauty shine through.
These days, getting older doesn’t look so bad thanks to these five gorgeous celebrity women:

Jennifer Aniston: At 44, Jennifer Aniston is the style and fitness envy of most women — including those 20 years her junior. In an interview with Shape Magazine, Aniston credits her youthful looks to getting eight hours of sleep per night, drinking 100oz of water per day, regular yoga practice, and doing cardio for a minimum of 20 minutes per day.

Since the days of the “Rachel haircut” in the 1990’s, Aniston’s look has always been admired. Her ability to mix classic pieces with trendier styles has helped her to always get it right. She’s impeccably fashionable, always dressing in an appropriate manner for her age. Whether at a black tie awards show or out on the street, people can’t wait to catch a glimpse of her latest ensemble.

Kyle Richards: The 44 year old star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” looks like she should be one of her four daughter’s sisters instead of their mother. Her gorgeous long brown hair is the envy of women everywhere, which she credits to drugstore shampoo, vitamins, and refraining from the use of products.

Richards’s personal style is so amazing that she actually partnered with Florida boutique, Alene Too in 2012 to open her own Beverly Hills store, Kyle by Alene Too.She told DisneyFamily.com that she’s able stay trendy, but practically dressed for a mom of four by pairing cute pants and a top together for her daily routine. Richards says she likes to wear feminine and sexy clothes that leave something to the imagination, and aren’t skin tight. Classy lady!

Julianne Moore: One look at Julianne Moore and you’d never know she’s 52 years old. The classically stunning redhead appears decades younger, and is the poster woman for healthy lifestyle choices. She credits her flawless, porcelain skin to avoiding the sun at all costs and wearing sunscreen when necessary.

The Hollywood Reporter showcased some of Moore’s greatest recent looks, which always include classic yet on-trend pieces. Moore’s style is sexy, yet mature, showcasing parts of her gorgeous figure without revealing too much. For example, if she’s wearing a sleeveless dress exposing her toned arms, she’ll pair it with a longer skirt to balance it out.

Diane Lane: At 48 years old Diane Lane is the envy of women everywhere and still has men of all ages going gaga over her! She’s super fit, and according to Shape Magazine, credits her amazing shape to eating anything she pleases in moderation and regularly practicing yoga.

Although Lane was guilty of choosing some more interesting styles in her younger days, she has become a major fashion icon in recent years. She has a way of always getting it right, whether she’s walking the red carpet or out with friends. Always age appropriate, she’s sure to be wearing an ensemble that shows off her toned arms or amazing legs, but never at the same time.

Helen Mirren: In 2011 at the age of 66 Helen Mirren was named “Body of the Year” by gym chain LA Fitness. Mother Nature Network writes that Mirren credits her amazing body to a lifelong ability to avoid drinking and eating to excess. She also occasionally does a little exercising, when she feels like her body needs it, crediting Wii Fit as one of her favorite ways to burn calories.

Mirren has an amazing eye for fashion and always dresses the part. She’s known for her ability to accessorize — whether with statement pieces of jewelry, scarves, or incredible shoes. In fact, pairing trendy accessories with age appropriate clothing seems to be Mirren’s style. For example, she wore six-inch heels with a floor-length evening gown to a movie premiere in 2013!

These five amazing women are in better shape than most women decades younger than them! They know how to choose clothing that’s both age appropriate and flattering for their body types. Thanks to these classic beauties aging gracefully has never looked so good.

Angie Picardo is a staff writer, financial analyst, and content manager at NerdWallet.com, a site dedicated to empowering consumers to save money and make smarter decisions about their personal finances, travel plans, or higher education.

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