Fashion errors of Katy Perry

Katy Perry fashion
Katy Perry fashion
Fashion errors frequently occur in celebrity, Katy Perry is no exception. While attending the event, it seems there is a tissue stuck to the sidelines of her breasts.

For a celebrity, perfect in every opportunity is a must. To that end, all the preparation to be done to provide a perfect appearance. When the preparation is not mature, there are errors that occur. When an error occurs on a celebrity, of course this will be news in itself. Because the paparazzi are always there ready to "catch" these omissions.

This recently happened in California Girl singer, Katy Perry. Katy looks attend an event at night using a black tube dress with blue polka dot detail. Strapless dress that shows some of the breast ex-wife's was Russell Brand.

Unfortunately, instead of an evening gown or assets that are of concern. In some photos it appears there was a mysterious cloth or paper towels tucked between her breasts. There is no clear statement whether the mysterious objects that are behind the dress.

Surely this is unfortunate, because this is beyond the custom of Katy Perry who always look perfect. Although often performed with a unique costume, but the singer 26 years are very rarely made ​​mistakes in dressing.

When wearing the dress, Katy Perry was hanging out with other celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Robert Pattinson. They gathered to attend a new club opening in Hollywood, Tuesday, June 27, 2012 local time, as quoted from Dailymail.

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