kate Middleton hats sold at auction

Kate Middleton hats
Kate Middleton hats

You know, two hats are worn by Kate Middleton or know Catherine Middleton a Duchess of Cambridge, before she married with Prince William has been sold at an auction. Interestingly, the caps are sold at a fantastic price, three times higher than actual prices.

In reality, Kate Middleton just renting a cap is price approximately 100 pounds from Get Ahead Hats in Reading for two separate events. Both hats are expected to sell for 1,000 to 1500 pounds.

As quoted from the Telegraph, first cap, the black hat designed by Philip Somerville with black and white fur detail to Prince William in the Order of the Garter ceremony in 2008, was sold for 3224 pounds.

The second, a large hat of black fur worn-designed Aurora Kate to attend wedding, Harry Meade, October 2010, sold for 3720 pounds, but it is not known who the buyer.

Both the hat are two of the few pieces of hats that was auctioned at the Passion for Fashion event organized by Kerry Taylor.

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