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batik from Solo
After hailed as the world cultural heritage by UNESCO, Batik is now not only popular in the archipelago, but increasingly global and more famous.

Coming in January 2013, Sogan Batik origin Solo will be showcased in a fashion show in Rome, Italy. In the fashion parade, Sogan batik will be used by the prestigious fashion house, Armani and Versace.

The plan was discussed at the oldest and best fashion school in Rome, Koefia and Lazio Region representatives visited Solo some time ago. Represented by Artistic Director Koefia, Bianca Lami, they claim to be interested and fascinated with batik.

"They're fascinated with batik. According batik is very possible to be modified with a modern design lines. Even they were surprised by the variety of patterns and variations in the way of making batik," said the Mayor of Solo, Jokowi as quoted from vivanews.

Jokowi revealed, in the event they asked for permission to establish cooperation as well as relating to the use of batik in fashion parade next year. Jokowi himself welcomed the plan. In fact he was prepared to wear batik in the fashion parade.

"I offer Sogan batik. This batik type will be on display at the same time will be used in a fashion show in Rome, in January next year," he said.

For this purpose, the Koefia also will be bringing three batik artisans from Solo. In the near future, officials Koefia visit to Solo again to discuss the details of such cooperation. "They're going to Solo again, but without the Embassy, to discuss more detail and can be free," said Jokowi.

Sogan batik is one of the batik classic with the dominant color of a brown color variation. Sogan batik called because in the beginning, batik dyeing process uses natural dyes extracted from tree logs Soga.
batik fashion
batik fashion

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