Details Mrs Zuckerberg Wedding Gown

Priscilla Chan wedding gown
Priscilla Chan wedding gown

Details of Mrs. Zuckerber wedding gown. Marriage Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg make attention. With no previous news, he changed his status to "married to" Priscilla Chan. Wedding photos were displayed in Zuckerberg's Facebook account. They seem to hold a private party and simple.

Priscilla Chan looks pretty with wedding dress was not expensive for the size category of the boss FB with the wealth of almost U.S. $ 20 billion. Priscilla Chan wedding gown only for U.S. $ 4,700.

Mrs. Zuckerberg wore a white dress with floral motif lace detail which is the design of a designer from Los Angeles, Claire Pettibon. Silk dress was encrusted with sequins, featuring delicate cutouts from neck to toe.

A thin white veil also fell elegantly adorn the back of the head. Pettibon was not aware that the design will wedding dress worn by Chan.

"When I just got home and my husband saw the news about Mark's wedding, he said 'darling, darling, that wedding gown your design'," Pettibon said, as quoted from the Daily Mail.

According to People magazine, Mrs. Zuckerberg also do their own finishing touches on her wedding dress. The pair married after dating for nine years, it always looks simple and far from glamorous.

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