Anna Chapman be catwalk model

Anna Chapman
Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman be catwalks model. Upon hearing the word secret agent, necessarily arises that a man dressed in full suit like James Bond. But this time is different, the former pretty secret agent Anna Chapman actually waddle on catwalk stage.

Former secret agent Anna Chapman look beautiful while demonstrating a long red dress. Turkish designer dresses, Hikmet Eraslan is a long tube dress with a mermaid tail red, with a tinge of black and ribbon accents on the chest.

Women who had been a secret agent of Russia is also accompanied by two fashion models dressed all in black, complete with sunglasses posing as a secret agent.

Designers Eraslan said, his Dosso Dossi clothing company has donated some money to the Chapman's foundation. The foundation aims to help children with poor vision in Volgograd. Apparently, this contribution is a reply to Chapman's participation in fashion show.

Earlier in 2010, Anna Chapman was arrested in the United States on charges of spying. She was deported to her country along with nine other agents.

Since the arrests, her intelligence career was over. But it turns out, the photos in the American detention making it a celebrity in Russia.

Anna Chapman has also been featured in a number of Russian fashion show. She became a catwalk model, magazine editor, also established a foundation. She will also appear on catwalks Mediterranean city of Antalya, the famous tourist destinations in Turkey.
Anna Chapman model
Anna Chapman model

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