Katie Holmes low cut dress

Katie Holmes dress
Katie Holmes dress

In facts, Being a mom does not make Katie Holmes lost sexiness. Evidently, she still looks elegant with a low-cut dress.

Katie Holmes appearance now a slightly different view. Casual style but showed courage when travel to Beijing, China.

This Hollywood actress 33 years looks attending an event at the Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing, China in her black low-cut dress. However, Katie did not show off all over. To impression of elegance, Katie Holmes dress combine with long red blazer elbow.

Her pretty appearance was immediately received attention. Moreover, the breast of the mother of Suri Cruise looks a little open. Luckily, chain necklace with gold pendant she wore able to save the view.

That night, the star whose name is soaring through the series Dawson Creek is to match looks low cut dress with a simple black shoes, and hair in a ponytail that makes it look chic.

In the event, stunning gowns which enhance Katie Holmes were the work of Jennifer Meyer, Tobey Maguire's wife at a price of 1,000 pounds.

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