Tricks to make flat shoes look trendy

flat shoes
flat shoes
High heels are most able to make you look trendy. But that does not mean you have to keep wearing this type of shoe wherever you go. Flat shoes can also be relied upon for the super cute casual style. You just have to deal with a counterpart for this shoe stand out. Follow the tricks to make flat shoes look trendy:

Here tricks to make flats shoes look trendy:
- Skinny jeans
Pants with slim models are the most perfect pair when paired with flat shoes. For a different style, try to tuck the bottom of the pants to the shoes. Choose a simple shoe with a contrasting color.

- Bubble skirts
It's also a smart way, the balloon skirt with a bubble on the hips will be very interesting when juxtaposed with flat shoes. In order not to look like a little girl, you can use a color that is not flashy shoes. Speaking of color, one of the key play of color is color coordinated shoes and other accessories, like bags that you carry. Suitability of the colors will make you more chic without seriously impressed.

- Sun Dress
This summer is a good time to issue a re-collection of these beautiful shoes. And sun dress is the most appropriate partner. You still can add some accessories to jazz up the appearance.

- Little black dress
Using flat shoes while her little black dress, not impossible. This black dress not only has a value of 100 when used with towering shoes. Try to look more pop with flat shoes with light blue metallic color or.

Try this tricks to make flat shoes look trendy, and increase confident because you are the trend setter, okay!
2013 flat shoes
2013 flat shoes

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