Shoes makeover ideas

shoes makeover
shoes makeover

Shoes makeover ideas. Has a series of shoes collection is very nice. But, let's see if the shoes you can continue to wear. Typically, a model that has not become a trend will miss out on its own. Actually, you just need creativity to be able to wear it again.

There is no harm in filling this holiday with the old shoe polish to come up with a new face. This is an easy way to keep abreast of the rotation mode without having to spend more budget.

Before starting the makeover of shoes, make sure the first shoe is still appropriate. Also, if the skin is still good or not. Usually, the shoes are made of imitation leather will peel off if stored too long.

Here are some shoes makeover ideas that can be used to turn a look of your shoes.

Dazzling sheen
Changes in these shoes will certainly be the center of attention as he stepped into the party. Enough of your old shoes garnished with a sprinkling of sparkling sequins. Apply glue on the entire surface of the shoe, then sprinkle with sequins various forms. Choose shoes made of leather pump, so that glue can glue stronger.

Dangling pearl
Want to look beauty? Take inspiration from the Resort 2012 collection Burberry. Wrap the pearls to decorate your ankle. Choose the pearl beads in natural colors that give the impression of ethnicity. Or, perhaps with striking colors make it look fresh. You simply pick up the thread, filled with rows of pearls, and then embed it on the ankle strap.

Ruffle tempting
To get a different look, add a ruffle on the old shoes. Use a cloth or ribbon of the same color with the color of shoes to decorate. Then stick a cloth that has been formed wrinkles on the t-strap shoes.

Doll flannel
This applies to plain flat shoes. Add ornament doll, or whatever shape you like. To accompany casual shoes, Marc Jacobs style looks more attractive. The trick, according scissors flannel material the desired pattern. Sewing with contrasting colored thread to add detail, do not forget to tuck the cotton in it to create the effect of volume. Then stick the doll in front of the shoe.

shoes collection
shoes collection
That is shoes makeover ideas you can apply of your shoes collection, Happy create trend setter!

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