Tex Saverios design for Lady Gaga dress

Lady Gaga dress
Lady Gaga dress
Tex Saverio, Indonesia prominent young designers to dress the action stage Lady Gaga concert tour of Asia in a series titled The Born This Way Ball managed successfully. White dress remote from the vulgar and the more closed it managed to decorate the stage of the Mother Monster.

Men born in 1984 has been selected by Gaga management of many designers competing to design a stage outfit to wear Lady Gaga. With the modern concept of futuristic, seem far from typical of the Rio line design extravaganza.

But apparently, it was acknowledged to be a big challenge without leaving the design lines.
"I was contacted around March or early April so, and the process 'Sangkuriang' should be really fast. While they own the concept has matured, so they also gave me the idea of freedom to be more futuristic. That is so the challenge," said Tex Saverio, as quoted from okezone.

Rio given a week by the Gaga management to complete the design. Apparently, he only spent about two days to complete the Lady Gaga dress.

"My process of working on just two days and four days for the delivery of goods. Before being sent, I also have to make up two-page draft guidelines that explain the convenience of dress up, down, left, and right. In addition, I also have to explain what the dress could be laundry or not, and others again," lid Rio also said made ​​three dummy by the same dress design.

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