Anne Hathaway fashion on premier movie

Anne Hathaway fashion
Anne Hathaway fashion

The sexy Catwoman, super feminine stepped on the red carpet premiere of movie 'The Dark Knight Rises'. This appearance is very different from the character she played tough.

If you come to be there, guaranteed not to stop eyes widened with this view. Pixie hair cut results Les Miserables became more feminine with a matching long gowns.

Anne Hathaway fashion seemed to provide a new translation of the elegant fashion. Super short hair with a minimalist cut dress without a lot of accessories.

Further highlight the first dress accents on the collar. Sequin flower arrangements that make it really managed to attract the eye. Although the silhouette is used not to show curves, the material on a glittering gold dress Gucci design is fairly represents her beauty.

On another, Anne Hathaway more daring show off the beauty of the chest. These low-necked dress is a new collection of Prabal Gurung for resort 2013. There is no need to use make-up thick, 29-year-old actress was just putting the peach-colored lipstick to complement the luxury of this satin gown.

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