Justin Bieber with Korean style

Korean fashion fever was not only prevalent in society in general. The famous celebrity, like Justin Bieber was also contaminated with the Korean fashion style.

Justin Bieber exhibit K-pop style with a sprinkling of accessories that wrapped appearance. Accessories are known the Korean luxury label design, MCM.

It is known through the widely circulated photo in cyberspace recently. Selena Gomez boyfriend is looking comfortable wearing red pants and a black hoodie jacket, white backpack with MCM output.

In addition to the white bag, Bieber caught in another photo wearing a backpack camel color with the same brand where he is mix with a yellow hat. Price backpack itself is known to approximately USD900 to USD 1200.

"Justin Bieber is one Hollywood star who was wearing one of our design. This Korean style is shown to style everyday," said MCM staff, as quoted from Newsen.

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