Youngest contestants in Miss World 2012

Amina Dagi
Amina Dagi

Miss World 2012 which involved approximately 122 contestants from around the world prepare to compete against such a prestigious event. In addition to a pretty face dominated, the contestants are also many who are still young age.

Officially, the profiles of the contestants have appeared on the official website of Miss World. Previously, the Miss World event this year was launched approximately 126 participants. But the latest data on the site of Miss World 2012, participants were only 122 contestants participated. In general, an array of beautiful women is not only her beautiful face and body into shape, but also equipped with language skills, height and a relatively young age.

In profile, the majority of the age of the contestants of Miss World 2012 approximately 22 to 25 years. But among all the contestants, there were three contestants who have the youngest age. Three of which are entered into the order of the youngest age is representative of Argentina, Honduras, and Austria, three of them were aged 17 years and have ideal posture.

Although a relatively young age, three contestants can not be underestimated. The reason, they have other advantages such as a qualified foreign language skills. Contestant Miss World 2012 from Austria for example, Amina Dagi, which has advantages speak in four languages​​. Not only that, she was very active in sports.

With this capability, of course, Amina Dagi figure to be a tough competitor at the upcoming Miss World. therefore, not only hundreds other contestants that need to vigilant, but also representative from United States.
contestant Miss World 2012
contestant Miss World 2012

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