Tips when buying shoes

high heel shoes
Tips when buying shoes. Shoes accompany you from morning till night. Therefore, do not let you wear shoes that can injure the feet. When buying, there are some things to consider.

Of course, that you get the right shoes and comfortable on the feet. Seema Ram-Charita, a bone from the American Podiatric Medical Association told the four tips you should consider when buying shoes.

Tips when buying shoes:
- The more the afternoon, the better
"The foot will be the largest size in the afternoon, due to the widening of blood vessels in the legs," said Ram Charita as quoted from Shape.
To that end, the evening is the best time to hunt for shoes. Do not buy too early, because when worn in the evening, more shoes feel cramped.

- Not always the same size
Pregnancy, weight gain and age can also change the size of your feet. Including, the arch of the foot. Therefore, always try another size when buying shoes. Especially, the different brands. Nothing wrong to always try a larger number and a smaller number.

- must be tested
Never buy shoes just to try it on one leg or not try at all. Its size is the size you are, but the material manufacturer and the model also affects the level of comfort when worn. To that end, obligatory try on shoes before buying.

- run
When trying, walk a few steps and make sure it is really convenient. Especially, when you buy high heel shoes. Consider and balance the body's ability to sustain shoe. Then, if you buy sports shoes, always try shoes to use socks.

Remember these tips when buying shoes and make comfortable on the feet.
buying shoes
buying shoes

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