Fashion trend and hairstyle trends source

fashion trend
fashion trend

Fashion trend source. The facts, in 2011 you'll often see a lot of girls use a feather in their hair extensions. The trend is rapidly widespread, that makes many salons update the menu. Or, color block fashion trend that quickly spread. Not only the models on the runway, celebrities on the red carpet, but also women in street fashion enthusiast who exhibit striking colors blend

Oddly enough, people will exhibit the same trend every year. Not only fashion trends, but also the hairstyle trends source.

Experts say, a trend started in the same way. First, the designers created a trend with a pair of their collection on a model that runs on the runway. Displayed a crazy idea, maybe even including the clothes unwearable outfits.

The second step, the fashion trend is then translated to different languages ​​by world famous celebrity, appearing in a variety of awards. 'Red carpet runway is an artist'. They look like a model and is ready to accept a variety of praise and criticism.

Obviously, the two steps above are in fashion media spotlight with a variety of reviews from different angles. World famous appearance on the red carpet had a huge influence the spread of a trend. From there, the women following the trend of fashion enthusiast who has created and make modifications according to their own style.

These three steps are referred to as evolutionary fashion trends. And this happens throughout the year.

It also happens to make up the trend look sexy vamp with dark lipstick and pale skin color. When many women who are bored with bright colors on their lips, the models at the fashion show Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Hannibal Laguna, and Alice and Olivia show this mysterious makeup.

Trends in sexy vamp look is then applied by world famous celebrity as happened in the Mer Ball this year. Looks Camilla Belle, Leighton Meester, Kate Bosworth, and Jessica Alba showing off their sexy vamp look.
Since then, many women who dared to use this makeup not only to attend a party at night but also during daytime activities. By simply applying dark lipstick like plum, wine, or red blood.
hairstyle trends
hairstyle trends

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