Tips when selection on floral accessories

floral accessories
floral accessories

Tips when selection on floral accessories. Today weather is hot, it could not hurt to experiment in color and motif. No need to hesitate in playing all the elements of fashion. It's a great way to make it look different.

With a touch of floral accessories are a fun alternative, you can get a diverse look with just one accessory. Still in doubt? The following tips can be an inspiration when you drop the selection on floral accessories.

Tips when selection on floral accessories:
- Black and white
Monochrome look with a classic look that does not mean look so boring. Adding floral print elements can be a shocking effect of attention.

If you plan to use a simple black or white dress, mix with a pump shoes or brightly colored floral-patterned handbag. Another option is a more casual look. You can wear a white mini dress with a floral bag carrying only.

- Head to toe prints
For those of you who dare to 'die' in order to look stylish, trend option prints head to toe is the most appropriate. Hit-and floral motifs that do not seem monotonous appearance. So that your appearance does not look strange, do the following simple trick.

Select motifs with elements of the same color. If you want to crash the floral print blouse with floral print trouser, make sure the print does not dominate. Add vintage sunny and a floral-patterned pump shoes with a matching color.

- Pastelated floral
Pastel colors in the outfit are giving the impression of a romantic and feminine in appearance. But, there's nothing wrong if you add a floral motif to add a different impression.
Add vintage floral belt on your pastel clothing. Or, mix sweet floral wedges.

- Floral color block
Who says you can not combine the two trends. Indeed with a little courage, you will be the center of attention. Basically, the trend color block itself had made a conspicuous appearance. Enter a floral motif elements, you need to be careful in choosing colors that will be charged.

For example, select a tone that is not too flashy colors like mustard, combined with a navy blue. Or, combine bright colors such as green, yellow, blue, pink with neutral colors like black, white, gray, and brown.

Add floral elements of accessories such as shoes, necklaces, bracelets, bags, scarves, or sunglasses. Make sure you only select one item that you do not look too crowded.
Floral color
Floral color

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