Flatform shoes metamorphosis from Platform shoes

flatform shoes
flatform shoes

Forget the old platform stilettos or wedges. You will fall in love with a unique shoe design with a flat heel. Instead of wedges, but the flatform shoes.

This flat form, flat shoes that have high platform without extra rights in the heel. So, when you walk as if walking on flat shoes. Although, the soles have a thickness of more than 3 cm.

This trend is an attractive route of metamorphosis platform shoes, given the trend in recent years the use of sky-high platform heels seemed to be addictive in itself. Fortunately, the metamorphosis is arguably more secure than the use of platform shoes that usually has the right size above 10 cm.

This bold shoe combines comfort and height to the platform. Some designers also begin to show it off on the fashion runway. One who developed the design of flatform is a British designer, Vivienne Westwood.

But, unlike the platform heels that are able to give effect to the long and beauty legs, flatform shoes to make your legs look shorter. However, this would be the main attraction because it can make the overall appearance of the flatform shoes is more unique.

Moreover, with bright colors, your appearance will look more playful. For those of you who have legs, you're in luck because you can experiment in the appearance of using this type of shoe. Flatform matching you with a mini dress.

For those of you who have big feet and short, you can still use. Just make sure you do not choose a flatform with ankle strap because it will only make your legs look shorter. Flatform match you with hot pants or mini skirt.

Although the shape is unique and memorable casual, you can still use it to the office. Just select a design plain flatform shoes and color 'safe' as black or transparan. You also look taller and the legs felt good.
platform shoes
platform shoes

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