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Who does not know with Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girls to become a football player David Beckham's wife is. Emergency after leaving the music world, she looks more fashionable, especially after swerved into fashion designers.

From tomboy style, she turned to look more feminine and elegant. Towering from boots to heels. To the extent that her image is always associated with typical Louboutin stiletto platform of more than 9 inches tall.

Not only is the mother of five children, also known singer Cheryl Cole likes to use high heels with an average height of 3.3 inch or equal to 8.4 centimeters.

This celebrity madness of high heels was also fruitful in the development trend of high heels in public. A recent study found that British women are the women who use high heels shoes are the highest in Europe with an average height of 3.3 inch.

While Spanish women usually wear high heels with a 3.2 inch high or 8.1 centimeters, 7.5 centimeters wear Denmark, Germany using 7 inches, and France ranked fifth with a height of 2.4 inches or 6 inches.

The study was conducted after it was revealed that British women are the shortest in Europe. Women aged 18-29 years on average there is only 163 centimeters tall. While the average German woman as tall as 168 centimeters and 164 centimeters tall Spanish woman.

The implication is, the shorter a woman's body, the higher the high heels that they use. In fact, a quarter of British women dare to use high heels for more than 10 centimeters despite suffering from pain in the back, as did Victoria Beckham.

Of course this becomes a big question, why should sacrifice health for the sake of an appearance?

According to psychologist Emma Kenny, the use of high heels associated with self-confidence, and even intelligence. "Women with higher perceived to be more assertive, confident, rich, successful, independent, and even more intelligent than those who were shorter," she said, as quoted from Daily Mail.

According to her, perception is very strong and it makes sense when viewed from the treatment of others and this will affect the choice of a particular fashion item, such as high heels.
British women use high heels
British women

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